Industry Competence

OR Soft has been working with companies within the oil industry since its establishment in 1990. We have developed many software functions through projects for our clients and have steadily expanded our range of products. Through this work we have become familiar with the specific requirements of the oil industry and have learned to satisfy our clients with their full confidence in our solutions.

Extending ERP systems with an Add-On APS solution

Oftentimes it is impossible for the oil industry to handle complex processes related to production and logistics scheduling as well as execution through the use of only a standard implementation of an ERP system - such as SAP ERP. OR Soft provides ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench - an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system - for the handling of these industry specifics.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench can be used as an Add-On to SAP ERP - without the need for a second independent database, because it operates solely with SAP ERP data - with a Rich Client installation on a normal state-of-the-art user PC. For large-scale implementations, ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench can be implemented with its own Application Kernel Server, but even then it still uses SAP ERP data and interacts with SAP ERP like an Add-On.

OR Soft is a member of the SAP Industry Value Network for Chemicals and SAP Industry Value Network for Consumer Products. It has an advanced planning and scheduling solution that has been certified as an SAP-endorsed business solution and provides the "Advanced Planning Boards" for SAP within the frameworks of Best Practice Solution for Chemicals and Best Practice Solution for Pharmaceuticals.


Companies in the oil industry and related industries use OR Soft solutions to supplement their existing ERP and tank management systems. They cover processes along the entire supply chains of crude oil processing, fuel refinery, production of lube base oils and lubricants as well as wax and wax related products.

Tank Management

Pipeline and Port Management for Feedstock Provision

Tactical SCM Production and Purchase Planning, Product Cost Calculation

Continuous and semi-continuous processes

Blending of liquid products in multi-purpose plants

Container Filling and Bulk Loading of liquid products

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